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Jamie, Kenosha, WI

“THANK YOU! LOTS and LOTS of compliments on how cute the ornaments were…Thank you for helping me provide a nice night for the kids at our school”

Vickie, Holland, MI

The craft kits were fun and easy to make, practical and inexpensive” 



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Whether fundraising or not, Valentine’s Day Grams are a fun tradition at many schools. Candy grams are one of the most popular items for fundraisers at elementary schools.

Get this….

Americans will purchase $345 million worth of chocolate candy this year and devour nearly 58 million pounds of the good (?) stuff!!


Below are 9 creative ways you can raise funds for your school and get kids excited about it 


Want to get your kids’ hearts and minds working together?  Give them something creative, such as small wooden puzzles, activity books, and DIY craft kits. With the increasing trend in maker spaces and the push for STEM/STEAM in schools, craft kits and toys make for a super creative and relevant gift. To sweeten the deal further, Oroola, in partnership with Kids Crafts Inc.,is offering 100 free Valentine’s Day Craft Kits to 1 lucky winner.  Yes, 100 Craft Kits for the future engineers and artists, absolutely free!

100 Craft Kits, Valued at $100, Yours For Free, Courtesy of Kids Crafts, Inc.*

DIY Craft Kits, by Kids Crafts, Inc
DIY Craft Kits, by Kids Crafts, Inc

DIY Craft Kits: All of the felt craft kits come in individual poly-bags with picture instructions and self-adhesive felt stickers. Just pass the kits out and let the children create! NO GLUE REQUIRED!

You get it for free, but you can sell it for $2 each and make a handsome profit. Goodness without the guilt!

Generously sponsored by Kids Crafts Inc.


After chocolates, flowers are the second most popular Valentine’s Day gift. Roses and Carnations are everyone’s favorite, but Tulips, Lilies, and Hydrangeas also work well as a Valentine gift. Package a single stem of flower or a small bouquet, and you can easily sell them for up to $5 each. Contact a local flower shop to arrange for bulk flowers in order to get a volume discount. 


Unlike fresh flowers, wooden roses last forever. Wooden roses are a classic tradition not only for Valentine’s Day but also for weddings and other important occasions. They look like real roses but last forever.


These got to be one of the simplest yet one of the most fun gifts for kids. Valentine’s Day balloons come in hundreds of different designs,  shapes, and sizes – from traditional heart-shaped to XOXO to lips and even various emojis. 


Kids love toys. Besides, unlike candy, they are sure to deliver days and months worth of fun. Cute stuffed toys, pencils, crayons, temporary tattoos, crazy straws, Smencils, shaped erasers, puzzles,…. there are endless possibilities to what you can sell in lieu of sugar-loaded candy grams. You can buy items in bulk from Dollar stores, Walmart, Oriental Trading or other discount stores. Pack them individually, add a small heart card with a funny quote and there you have it – a unique, fun Valentine’s Day gram! 


Kids don’t have to wait to go to the movies to enjoy this delicious treat. Popcorn is one of America’s favorite snacking treats. Add red or pink sugar crystals to popcorn for added fun. Pack in small buckets, mason jars, or cups decorated with hearts.  Jazz up the packets with a heart or ribbon. It makes for a fun, healthy and poppin’ gift.


Fruit may be the last thing kids would want to buy for Valentines. But with a little twist and creativity, you can get kids begging for more. Add googly eyes, tiny pom-poms, other decorations, and there you have it – healthy Valentine’s Day treats kids can’t get enough of! More cuteness, less sugar!


Seed packets and flower bulbs make a perfect gift during this time of the year.  Dress up the seed packets with little stickers. For bulbs, package them in small pots with a plant label and sticker. Add a quote from our smarty-pants list below, and you are sure to sow seeds of love in anyone’s heart. They make great presents for teachers and coaches. 

No matter what you choose to sell this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. We compiled a list of 99 smarty-pants quotes that go with candies, fruits, toys, art, and more. Download the blank grams, add a funny quote from the list, and you are bound to have your grams flying off the shelf/table.

February 01, 2018 by Kirsten Field

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