Looking for a creative fundraising idea? 


We specialize in unique and creative FUNDraisers for your school...

How does our school make money???

Our kits are the perfect addition to your events! Pick up one of our School Bundles of 100 kits to compliment your event. Charge $3.00 admission to your movie event and make approximately $1.20/kit!

This bundle includes 100 individually packaged craft kits. They are perfect for Movie Nights, Family Fun Nights, Muffins with moms events, Candy Grams…the list goes on and on…


Our DIY Craft Kits encourage a child creativity. We believe that when children are given the opportunity to create, they are participating in an experience and creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few fun ways to use our kits at your school: 

  • Muffins with Moms Events
  • Movie Night
  • Family Fun Night
  • Valentine Grams
  • Candy (or No-Candy!) Grams
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Holiday Craft Nights
  • Girl Scout Events
  • After School Activities
  • School Rewards
  • As an alternative to your current school holiday shop
  • Church Events
Our fun craft kits are the perfect activity at your next school event....just pass them out and let the kids create! 

School Holiday Fun Night Event

What about set-up and materials?

  • Each kit comes in it’s own poly bag and is pre-sewn
  • Each kit features self-adhesive felt stickers…No GLUE required!
  • Just pass the kits out and let the children CREATE!


School Breakfast with Santa Event


Looking for a unique and fun Valentines Day card, Classroom Activity, Birthday Party or After-School idea?

Our Classroom Craft Kit bundle is great for smaller events. This bundle includes 30 individually packaged craft kits. They are perfect for classrooms, school holiday parties or birthday parties. 

Check out some pics of our classroom craft kits below:

                School Fun-Raiser Kid Craft Event